Clash of Finance – three shipping finance conferences on the same day.

Before the autumn season of shipping conference kicks off I have been updating the shipping calendar ( Another 40 events and their associated page links have been added, taking the calendar through to mid-2014. If your conference is not on the calendar, drop me an email on

 Autumn is the traditional start of the conference season. This season sees a date clash in the shipping finance league, with Informa, Marine Money, and Hansa Forum all choosing to host conferences on the same day. This is a bit like having the most entertaining teams in the Premier League, say, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur (sorry Arsenal fans – I did say entertaining) games kicking off at the same time. This conference season will see the 26th International Ship Finance Conference (aka LSE Ship Finance Conference) taking place in London on the 13th and 14th of November versus Marine Money Ship Finance in New York on the 14th, versus Hansa Forum Shipping Finance in Hamburg on the same day. The kick off times in the Premier League are carefully managed to maximise advertising potential and maintain punter interest. Maybe it’s time the conference organisers got together to do the same thing.

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