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  1. This is a good idea for all shipping executives. Not only to promote additional conferences but also to find conferences that may be of interest, when we are travelling to other countries – as is quite common for all of us in the shipping industry.

    I have one event I would like to add. One of my companies is ShippingHK Forum Limited. Based in Hong Kong, our aim is to promote Hong Kong as the ideal gateway to and from China. International companies looking to get a foothold into China, as well as Chinese (private) companies looking to expand internationally. Both need to advantages of Hong Kong – such as international rule of law, bi-lingual communications, low tax rates, global and Chinese service industries, HK is 4th largest Flag State, with 80 million dwt, ease of access to China.

    We have an annual ShippingHK Forum week, this year commencing with a group cocktail party on May 20th, followed by 3 half day (May 21st, 22nd, 23rd) conferences (including networking lunch) on topics concerning Business Models & Strategies: Technology in Shipping and Risk Management.

    Please go to our website .. .. for further information and registration.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Good effort.
    It would be of better service if all months and all shipping events were included in one site – attendance scheduling is taken months ahead of an event.

  3. Vijay Hiranandani says:

    Hi Craig Jallal,

    Re your post;
    Have a look at the following groups which probably do not figure in your list:
    – Offshore Shipbrokerage
    – Global Ports & Marine Operations
    – IMO Young Professionals Club
    – Green4Sea
    – Dry CGartering Shipbroker
    – BIMCO
    – Sailpath Shipbrokers
    – Trade7Seas
    – Shipping Exchange
    – E-Navigation
    – Marine Industries
    – Ship Management Solutions
    – The Shipping Tribune
    – Global Maritime Jobs

    Hope these will suffice for now to add to your list around.

    Best wishes and regards,

    Vijay Hiranandani

  4. Steve Parks says:

    Hi Craig,

    Can you please inform me how to list further key industry events and conferences. Many thanks

  5. Angelos Tyrogalas says:


    you may wish to attend the capital link conferences round the world.

  6. Mark Clark says:

    Hi Craig

    Could I add the 6th Chemical & Product Tanker Conference, 11-12 March 2014, Grange City Hotel, London. (

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