Cocaine Cargo was 1,700 times the Value of the Tug

Tug crew guilty of UK’s biggest drug bust

Thu 14 Jul 2016 by Martyn Wingrove


Royal Navy found 3.2 tonnes of cocaine on 1979-built Hamal

Two men were found guilty of an international drug smuggling ring using an anchor handling tug. Mumin Sahin and Emin Ozmen were found guilty of smuggling £512 million (US$677 million) of cocaine on tug Hamal. This was the UK’s biggest ever drugs bust when made more than a year ago.

When the Royal Navy intercepted the 1979-built anchor handler 100 miles off the coast of Scotland in April 2015, they found 3.2 tonnes of high purity cocaine in the ballast tanks in the bottom of the vessel. The value of the cargo was around 1,700 times higher than the value of the tug. According to VesselsValue, the current market value of Hamal is around US$400,000, assuming it is in good condition.

Prosecutors in the Glasgow High Court said the tug travelled from Istanbul, Turkey, via Tenerife to South America then on to the North Sea. Mr Sahin was the captain of the vessel, with Mr Ozmen second in command. According to the BBC, other seamen on the vessel ‒ Kayacan Dalgakirin, Mustafa Guven, and Umit Colakel, and Ibrahim Dag were cleared of the allegations after the jury returned not proven verdicts.


Reprinted from Tug Technology and Business


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