Marshall Islands Hits 100m grt and I Win a Prize

Marshall Islands hits 100m GRT and I Win a Prize!

In an innovation I whole-heartedly endorse the recent Marine Money Ship Finance forum in London closed with a conference after party. The party was sponsored by the Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate registry, which with the registration of the STI Duchessa and the STI Opera, passed the 100m gross tonnes (grt) mark. For those of you who don`t know, the Marshall Islands registry has been administered by International Registries, Inc (IRI) since 1990, when it held around 300 ships of around 10m grt. Therefore, IRI and its team (Bill Gallagher, Tony Guida, Clay Maitland, Anthony Julian to name a few) have done a splendid job to grow the register.

IRI brought along its team for the party, which included a Beetles tribute band and a DJ, and there was dancing until the early hours of the morning. Even better, I won the business card drop prize of a replica of a native Marshall Islands navigation tool, which now sits on the wall of the London Infospectrum boardroom.

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