VesselsValue Does it Again!

I admit back when VesselsValue was launched I was one of the sceptics. How was a tiny ship-broker going to deliver a reliable and consistent service to rival that of the bigger brokers. But I, like many others, were looking through the wrong end of the telescope. It is not the broking side that is the driving force, it’s the technology and ability to manipulate algorithms. Today VesselsValue is a tool used by nearly 75% of the currently active banks, according to Paddy Stern, the Director of UK sales.

“Business Model Changer” is one way to describe the new VesselsValue product, which is launched today. VV@ ( is a mapping tool. So what, you say? That’s nothing new – there’s lots of AIS based ship tracking websites. But combined with ship specifications and values? With VV@ you can track ships, see if they are laden or in ballast, and see the ship specifications. There is full integration with the portfolios already created on VesselsValue. Still waiting for your broker to send you the latest position lists? Create your own. Want to know where you rivals ships are loading? These are the obvious uses.

What about bunker sales? You could track vessels calling at the bunkering anchorages in Singapore, then track their voyages. VV@ has the speed and consumption, and from this you could see when the vessels might be requiring the next stem.

The part that really excites me, is that this is clearly just the start of what can be done with the VV@ mapping tool. As VesselsValue apply their undoubted technical ability this map tool is going to develop functions we can only dream about. In my case I dream of mapping cargo demand using vessel movements, creating what-ifs and scenarios, which sounds like the confessions of a shipping geek. I think VV@ will make my dreams come true.


About Craig Jallal
A shipping analyst whose feels the need to comment on the industry.

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