How Active are LinkedIn Shipping Groups?

I assume we are all on the LinkedIn network to promote ourselves and / or our companies. By promoting ourselves, I mean looking for a job. Therefore the worth of belonging to a network group is in the number of jobs posted. If you are on LinkedIn to market your company or services then you need to belong to network groups that have active discussions and comments. This is also true for those who use LinkedIn as “how do I…” information exchange.

Thanks to Vijay Hiranandani ( I now have another 15 shipping-related LinkedIn groups to consider. I have gone through my expanded list of 54 shipping-related LinkedIn groups and ranked them by jobs advertised last week and the number of discussion in the last week.

LinkedIn Groups ranked by No of Jobs

In the number of jobs advertised there are no real surprises in that the group with the largest number of members also has the most jobs posted. My feeling is that the posting of jobs is going to aggregate toward the larger groups.

LinkedIn Groups ranked by No of Discussions

On the discussion side, the picture is a little different. Some of the groups are very active for their size. The “SeaShip Southeast Asia Maritime & Offshore Network” group only has 613 members but had 28 new discussions last week. I have also included the number of comments, which shows if the group membership is reactive.


About Craig Jallal
A shipping analyst whose feels the need to comment on the industry.

2 Responses to How Active are LinkedIn Shipping Groups?

  1. Barry Parkre says:

    You are doing some cool work here. Somebody, maybe from Lloyds List, opined that social media networking is the new coffee house of shipping. In the past few months, I’ve seen a huge pickup with Linked In and Twitter, and for me it’s at a point where I take long trips into the coffee house in the mornings, and also evenings on many days (I guess for a pint of something). The discussions are good ways to assimilate new information- in some cases, user-generated content (the comments) are as good, or better than the underlying stories- posted to Linked-in, or on discussion boards of particular publications. One late and great blog which is not up anymore is “Ton Mile Trader” which was written by Mike Reardon in conjunction with his marketing work at Imrex. He is now with one of the major oil companies, doing freight strategies and maybe some FFA trading (not sure) so I miss getting his stuff online. Keep up the very good work you are doing. Shipping is undisciplined and not well organized, so it’s not surprising that the plethora of media, however it’s defined, mirrors this. So, there’s room for a good organizer.

  2. Phil Stalley says:

    Hi Craig

    This is an interesting post. I use LinkedIn but I have to say that the amount of traffic generated on some of these groups is questionable. I am not looking for a job so I’m more interested in the discussions. Unfortunately I see the same comments posted across many groups and they all suffer to some degree from spamming and it is difficult to keep up with it all. I think the moderators would do well to weed out some of this traffic – quality is more important than quality.

    I enjoy your blog – you and your readers may be interested in my blog at mainly about laytime and demurrage but I do stray into other areas from time to time.

    best regards

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