LinkedIn Shipping Groups

I belong to 37 shipping groups on LinkedIn. These range from the “need-to-be-a-member” like Lloyd’s List (8,905 members) to the obscure Shipping Container Investments (35 members). The table below is my list of groups ranked by the number of members as at February 14 2013.


LinkedIn Shipping Groups Feb 2013


Originally I joined groups that might direct me toward a new job, and that is still the main aim. Since re-donning the press hat I am also find LinkedIn useful for producing polls and finding experts. Therefore my request is; do you know of any other shipping-related groups you have found useful that are not on the list?


About Craig Jallal
A shipping analyst whose feels the need to comment on the industry.

One Response to LinkedIn Shipping Groups

  1. John Foreman says:

    Hi Craig

    Firstly thanks for all the information that you’re sharing…very useful and appreciated by lots!

    Regarding the above, noticed that you don’t list any Seatrade groups in there! Our Seatrade Asia group has been running over 3 years and has over 1,000 members and you may be aware of our new global news site launch – Seatrade Global ( and we’ve just launched a new global LinkedIn group – Seatrade Global.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards
    John Foreman
    Global Head of Marketing

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