Ship Finance Poll and LinkedIn

Will shipping finance expand, contract or remain the same in 2013? Below is a poll I have posted on various LinkedIn shipping groups to gauge sentiment about the prospects for shipping finance in 2013.

I have found the LinkedIn polls a useful source of copy and opinion but there are some annoying limitations on polls. First, the limit on 40 character length means the questions have to be very simple. The second is that at the moment there isn’t a survey function. Of course, I can do surveys on the blog, but it would be more efficient when LinkedIn has added this feature. It is also interesting to see which LinkedIn groups generate responses and which are billy-no-mates. I haven’t posted this poll on the shipping media groups (although it is not always obvious if a Group has a media link) as I feel this is a point of etiquette. I am not exactly sure what etiquette is involved, and I may have to review. Any thoughts on the issue?

The poll – Ship finance prospects in 2013. Compared to 2012, arranging a newbuilding or secondhand purchase loan from your current bank in 2013 will be;

  1. Easier than 2012. Bank expanding book.
  2. No change to policy. Same as 2012.
  3. Harder; smaller allocation for shipping.
  4. Very difficult. Commitments only.
  5. Impossible. Bank exiting from shipping.

You can take part in this poll one of the following LinkedIn groups;

Shipping, Trade & Finance group

Commercial Shipping

Finance and Investment Strategies – Shipping

Executive and Expert Search in Ship…

Dry Bulk Chartering


Maritime Network

Shipping Business Innovation

Shipping Markets

Shipping Network

Tanker Shipping and Trade Network

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

The Shipping Professional Network

The results will be posted on the Groups when it closes on Friday 11th January.


About Craig Jallal
A shipping analyst whose feels the need to comment on the industry.

One Response to Ship Finance Poll and LinkedIn

  1. Great initiative!
    But the shipfinance market is also changing. You are just asking for the current shipfinance banks, not available capital?
    Looking forward to seeing the result of your Poll.

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