The Killing III – Shipping in Drama

The Danish drama “The Killing” has been an unexpected hit in the UK, and for a year we have been waiting for the next  series (9.00 pm, BBC4). The skeleton crew onboard the idle ship “MEDEA” are murdered. The “MEDEA” belongs, we are told, to biggest company in Denmark, an energy and shipping giant called “Zeeland”. Of course, shipping people will immediately know that “Zeeland” can only be one particular Danish company.

What struck me was how high the production values are in The Killing III. There is one short “talking-heads” shot on a dockside were the police and special branch meet the “Zeeland” representative. In the background a ship has been repainted in “Zeeland” colours and the “Zeeland” name painted in big letters along the side. This shot could have been done with the cast facing the other way in front of a “Zeeland” sign tacked on a nearby wall, which is how it would have been done in the UK. But no, they went to the trouble of having a ship repainted just for that shot to emphasis the size and scope of the “Zeeland” operation. In another shot the police are searching for body parts in a scrap facility, and in the background we see stacked containers repainted with the Zeeland name. But is is not just the sight of ships that has me hooked, it’s the drama. In the UK we are a couple on months behind the Danish showing, so if you comment, please try not to spoil it for us. By the way, I didn’t mentioned the sweater once.


About Craig Jallal
A shipping analyst whose feels the need to comment on the industry.

2 Responses to The Killing III – Shipping in Drama

  1. Robert zeeland says:

    Don’t wish to spoil the illusion here but they probably didn’t reprint a ship… It is easy to accomplish using CGI.

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