Measuring the Performance of Social Media

Measuring the Performance of Social Media

Having only started blogging earlier this year, I am a little behind the curve on using social media. I hadn’t even thought about measuring the response. According to a press release from ShipServe, the marine online trading company, I am not alone. Indeed, it seems there are people and companies that are fully engaged in the e-commerce world who are not measuring activity.

ShipServe conducts a survey on e-commerce and social media run each year. The headline finding is that over 40% of the companies surveyed are not measuring the success the results online or offline. This is done, I learn from the press release, through web analytical tools. Indeed, I now realise that WordPress, the website I use to host my blog, has a raft of web analytic tools. There are even more tools on the Google site.

If you want to look at the survey results, these can be found at The survey results are presented in a clever graphic, based around a voyage from Shanghai to Rotterdam. I would place my voyage way-point somewhere just outside Shanghai harbour!


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