Feed Your Inner Ship-Spotter

Such is my enthusiasm for shipping that I have been accused at dinner parties of being a ship-spotter. Given the dedication and knowledge of real ship-spotters and photographers (I am thinking in particular of Phil English and John Jones in Clarkson Research), I take the accusation as a complement. One of the publications they have put me onto is Maasmond Maritime, a Dutch/English language newsletter. It is a collection of commercial and naval shipping news clippings mingled with photos of shipping activity in the ARA belt. In the latest edition (293-19-10-2012) I have received, there is a striking photo by Dick van der Kraan of tiny, tiny men working on the huge propeller of the “BERGE STAHL” .

The reason I mention this is the email from Maasmond Maritime has recently been diverted to my “Junk” folder. Maybe this was a pun intended by Microsoft when it forced me off Hotmail and onto Outlook. So go ahead, feed your inner ship-spotter, just don’t mention it at dinner parties.

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About Craig Jallal
A shipping analyst whose feels the need to comment on the industry.

2 Responses to Feed Your Inner Ship-Spotter

  1. Dear Sir/Madam Captain Marine Engineer available please contact me for more in fo.
    30 years of experience in the shipping and recreational Tourism Industry,



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