Regulation Timetable for the Shipping Industry

A timetable of the costly environment-inspired regulations to hit the shipping industry is surprisingly hard to find. I thought I had seen a table in a Clarksons’ publication, or in Lloyd’s List, but after some searching and Googling I couldn’t rediscover the document, so I have started a table myself. I need the table because I want to explore what will constitute a premium ship on the S&P market in eight or ten years time.

I am using the IMO “Action Dates” as a starting point, but I want to include other bodies with a regulatory impact on shipping. The EU is on the way to expanding the current ECA across the whole of Europe, but no regulations have been passed, yet. These are included in italics. Also in italics are the IMO ship recycling and water ballast regulations. The ship recycling is now with a few percent of acceptance, and very likely to happen. Most of the regulations on air emissions in any industry started off in California, so I have included CARB in the table. California was an early mover on ship emissions, and ports are now offering incentives for low emission ships. Meanwhile Alaska is challenging the imposition of the US ECA saying it will damage the local economy. I recall there was a local challenge to California State’s ability to introduce environmental regulation, but this was overturned.

The table is a work-in-progress, but if you want an Excel copy of the table for your own use let me know and I will whizz one over to you. Even better, send me some input, such as other regulations  and any errors or omissions.

See the Seaspout blog for a broader discussion of shipping air emissions.

Copyright: Craig Jallal. All Rights Reserved.


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